"The ENERGY and PRESENCE of a musical BLOCKBUSTER performance". Prime Time Music Magazine said it best when they called Lindy & the Look "the best looking and best sounding show and dance group around". We couldn't agree more. Lindy & the Look present beautiful female vocalists in gorgeous costumes that complement a magnificently attired and dynamic featured performer,      Mr. Lindy Wilson. His voice is the essence of Blue Eyed Soul, a phrase bestowed on the great white vocalists who sing with the passion of a Motown star.

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  Lindy & the Look are self-contained with both sound and light production. They travel nationwide performing for top corporations, casinos, and special events. Their music is carefully arranged and well presented to offer a wonderful sampling of many styles and periods in pop music. From the classic dance hits of the past to the current hot songs of today, Lindy & the Look will entertain your dinner audience then dance the night away. If your event requires a superior visual music attraction, Lindy & the Look is the answer.